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The marvel of Miami Beach Residence by Peter Marino

Who is Peter Marino?

Peter Marino a famous American architect, maintains an equal focus on both exterior and interior design. His work is compelling due to his mastery of impossible combinations. He effortlessly blends tough angles with curves, creating a harmonious result. Bronze against white wall panels? It works seamlessly because it’s Peter Marino! His work can be defined as bold, artistic and dynamic.

This Miami Beach House was completed in 2017. Although it’s an old project, it makes us stare in awe. The photographs used in this article are taken from their official website. Do check out their website here.

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The Miami Beach Residence

The Living Area

I find this picture a Peter Marino classic. This is a coffee table you won’t find anywhere and that makes it remarkable. It’s fascinating how sharp and edgy furniture seamlessly complements an overall warm and cosy vibe.

The juxtaposition of contemporary interior walls with antique furniture and a vintage floor is a bold design decision. Peter Marino’s luxury lies in designing the unthinkable. However, the floral chair looks a bit apprehensive. It might not be the most comfortable piece to sit on.

The Dining Area

The first thing that will amaze people is this sink, which does not look like one. This antique vibe is paired with a modern light fixture using curves. The design incorporates various focal elements, but interestingly, they don’t collide.

The Bedroom

This bedroom is likely to evoke strong opinions. Pattern-on-pattern is not everyone’s cup of tea. The design has noise and it offers interesting patterns to look at. For some, it might feel overwhelming, while for others, it will be a piece of art. As a critique, the design has a clear visual hierarchy and a great contrast. Despite the use of heavy visuals, the eyes find resting spaces.

A luxury wash area

I haven’t personally visited the space, but this picture makes me feel claustrophobic. I believe the visual contrast here becomes too dominating. Both the pine leaves and the marble have a fine appearance, generating a lot of noise in the design.

I’m quite intrigued by Peter Marino. His artistic vision sets his design apart from his competitors. His work often showcases a blend of creativity and functionality, adding a distinctive character to any space. Thanks for stopping by this article and let me know if you enjoyed reading it. I claim no rights over the photographs used.

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