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Discover Memphis Design: Pop interiors and bold aesthetic

What is Memphis Design?

Memphis Design is a playful fusion of shapes, colors, and creativity. It is a postmodern style, inspired by Pop art and Art Deco. It often comes out as a bold yet eclectic and energetic creative outlet. Pop culture references and nods to various design movements, such as Art Deco and Kitsch, add depth and layers to the design, creating a sense of nostalgia and familiarity.

Origin of Memphis Design

Memphis Design emerged in the vibrant city of Milan, Italy. Influenced by Pop Art, Art Deco, and the Kitsch of the 1950s, it swiftly gained popularity for its bold geometric shapes, vivid colors, and innovative use of materials. Conceived by Ettore Sottsass in the early 1980s, this revolutionary style challenged prevailing minimalism, offering an unconventional and dynamic alternative.

Distinct Characteristics of Memphis Design

With its asymmetrical patterns, vivid color clashes, and daring shapes, this style seeps an unparalleled energy that transforms spaces into stunning visual experiences. The Memphis Design style is characterized by-

Rich Color Palette

Unconventional color combinations, often featuring high-energy hues like electric blue, neon pink, and fiery red, infuse a sense of spirit and energy into the design. One can use complementary colors or even triadic or tetradic colors.

The Memphis Color Palette
The Memphis Color Palette

In this Pinterest example, two contrasting colors- teal and muted pink are used to create an interesting division of spaces. I personally like the combination of teal, yellow, and pink. Notice how the terrazzo chips also follow the same color palette.

Clashing Patterns

The daring juxtaposition of different patterns and textures, from zigzags to squiggles, creates a diverse and visually fascinating atmosphere that challenges traditional design norms.

Design Lingo: Juxtaposition


the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effects.

To some people, the embedded Pinterest image might feel overdone, but let us take a moment to appreciate how well these patterns are mixed and matched with each other.

Bold Geometry

Asymmetrical shapes and patterns take center stage, creating a sense of dynamic movement that draws the eye and adds a playful touch to spaces.

If you observe carefully, without the background wall color, this space would probably be another minimalistic interior. The designer has gone overboard with the wall pattern but has kept the furniture simple. Btw did you notice the retro lamp?

Whimsical Profiles

Furniture and decor pieces embrace unconventional and impulsive forms, often incorporating geometric shapes that push the boundaries of conventional aesthetics. The colors used are bold.

If you look at this picture, every piece of furniture is very eye-catching. There are curves, patterns, everything. The use of warm and bold colors gives it a very friendly and inviting vibe. This kind of style will be great for children-oriented design interiors.

Materials that Define Memphis Design

From glossy lacquer and plastic to stunning laminates and terrazzo, these materials are skillfully combined to craft furniture pieces and decor items that epitomize the movement’s essence. Since this is a post-modern style, we can easily use all the new materials. We just need to mix and match them for the desired aesthetic.

As an enthusiast of interior design, I’m captivated by the audacious charm of Memphis Design. It embodies the spirit of breaking design norms and encourages celebrating individuality. On the positive side, it injects life and vibrancy, fostering a creative and expressive atmosphere. However, the boldness might overwhelm some, potentially leading to visual clutter. Striking the right balance is critical. While it may not align with every preference, its ability to push design boundaries is undeniable.

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