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Decoding Maximalist Interior Design

Maximalist Interior design has always been around the globe but got its name after minimalist interiors started trending. Let’s dive into the topic.

What is maximalism?

We all have heard the famous saying “Less is more”. Maximalism is a rebellion against that. Maximalism can be defined as the abundance of elements- bold colors, lots of patterns, rebellious furniture pieces, you name it. I often also relate it with eclecticism and cheerfulness. Maximalist interiors embrace excess and extravagance.

Some modern maximalist interior design styles

Traditional interior design styles like Victorian, Moorish, Baroque, Gothic, etc. are all maximalist in nature. These often embrace elaborate, gilded surfaces and decorations. Ornate fabrics and heavy textures are often seen in these design styles.

Some modern maximalist interior designs are:

  1. Bohemian- Bohemian Interior Design Decoded: A Complete Guide to Achieve Boho Chic Style
  2. Rococo-
  3. Tropical-
  4. Eclectic-
  5. Art Deco-

How to style a maximalist living room

Use statement lighting

Maximalist Interiors often feature extravagant lighting accessories. You can go with modern pendant lights or traditional chandeliers.

maximalist decor
maximalist decor
maximalist decor
maximalist decor

Maximalist Color Palette

Use bold and vibrant colors. Choose a bold color palette with contrasting hues. Jewel tones like deep blues, emerald greens, and ruby reds work well.

Here’s an article on Maximalist Color Palettes by Benjamin Moore-

Choose bold and elaborate furnishings

Opt for a mix of furniture styles, from vintage to modern. Incorporate statement pieces with intricate details and unique shapes.

maximalist furniture
maximalist furniture
maximalist furniture

Add lots of Plants

Plants have the ability to fill any space and look beautiful. Greens are also soothing to our eyes. Large potted plants, hanging planters, and small succulents can all contribute to the maximalist look.

This is an AI-generated image, but your space can also look this ethereal. Check out the AI Interior Design article AI Interior Design: Improving Efficiency and Unleashing Creativity in Interior Design

ai interior design

Create a gallery wall

Create a wall full of posters of your liking, or best photos of the best moments, or your art collection. A gallery wall is a highly inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your space.

Maximalist Interior decor

Add lots of accessories

Add an oversized mirror to your hallway or layer your sofa with cushions of funky colors. Go bold, dramatic, and luxurious. Let your space speak your style.

The maximalist vision

Arrange your decor items with thoughtfulness. For instance, group items of similar color or theme together to create pockets of organization within the maximalist design. Showcase your personal interests and collections. If you’re a book lover, create floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with books and unique bookends.

Maximalist Design Example

maximalist living room

There are LOTS of colors!!:

This maximalist interior design embraces a warmer color palette, consisting of orange, greens, and yellows. This is a wise choice of colors since they don’t clash with each other. The walls are painted light pink, which again isn’t contrasting, but goes with the palette. We can also see hints of blue, especially on the tray and the window. This is used as a contrast to draw attention towards them. We can also see neutrals like black and white sparingly.

Use of bold, vibrant colors that suits your preference rather than the typical beige aesthetic is advised. However, too much colors, is harmful for the design.

There are LOTS of patterns and textures:

The maximalist interior design uses contrasting patterns to create visual interest. Bold curtains draw attention from plain walls, patterned cushions provide light contrast, and a table runner accents a bold color. A patterned rug and intricately designed fireplace complement the overall composition, blending with the textured sofa fabric. Each element is carefully chosen for a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look.

Maximalist interior design celebrates abundance and excess. It involves layering different elements, such as furniture, artwork, accessories, and patterns, to create a visually rich and opulent space.

If you’re still confused about your design style, check How to identify your personal design style.

There are LOTS of accessories:

The design is filled with small interest nodes everywhere. The wall frames attract attention, the window panes are detailed, and even the tray on the table is carefully curated with décor pieces of different styles that go with each other.

Maximalist interiors combine diverse furniture styles, ranging from antique to contemporary, for a unique and personalized look. Layering multiple elements like rugs, curtains, cushions, and wall hangings adds visual richness and texture. Collecting and displaying various objects, artworks, and collectibles are embraced in maximalist design.

maximalist decor

It’s all about collecting whatever you like and then styling it all according to your taste but with brains

Maximalism encourages a playful and personal approach to design. It allows individuals to express their personality, interests, and experiences through the arrangement and display of objects that hold meaning to them.

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