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AI Interior Design: Tools to help you design

AI has the potential to revolutionize the world of design if harnessed by creative minds. Imagine it as your unique, customized Pinterest, tailored to your unique ideas and preferences. In this article, we’ll explore some fantastic interior AI tools. I’ve personally tested these apps, and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how they stack up. Now, let’s dive in!

Fotor AI

Fotor is quite a versatile gem! While technically not free, it does give you a head start with 5 credits when you sign in. With these credits, you can create five images. It’s a great tool for sparking your creativity and bringing your ideas to life. Give it a whirl!

fotor ai
fotor ai

Prompt Given: A space-inspired room, with different levels, a floating bed, and hanging planets.

Fotor is that one tool that will create anything you write. Fotor is that magical tool that turns your words into reality with ease. It’s a delightful feeling to see your ideas take shape in a beautiful image. If you’re interested in making illustrations (like me), Fotor AI is useful for that too. Not only that, Fotor can generate sketches, animes, 3D, and whatnot.

You guessed it correctly, This is my favorite tool.

Prompt: illustration showing frustrated design student because of excessive redos and running late to class.

AI Room Planner

This is a free redesign interior AI tool since it is in beta testing mode. The only little step is signing in to start crafting those fantastic images. So, let’s get those creative juices flowing!

Prompt: Left is the input image, the settings were to convert it into a biophillic office space.

It is helpful when you want minimum changes to be done. However, this is not customizable. You won’t have full control over what it generates, and sometimes, it might unintentionally alter crucial areas. Just a heads-up to keep in mind!

Bing Image Creator

Powered by DALL-E, this a an image creator by Microsoft Bing. Now, it’s not entirely free, but here’s the silver lining: earning credits is a breeze.

Prompt Given: An Art Deco office space with Bohemian seating

Look at these images, although generated in low quality, this looks like a real space. Imagination at its peak, Bing Image Creator is a big heads up for me.

Interior AI

This is a paid tool, with a subscription starting at 29$ per month. But it is so worth the money. Just look at the renders!

Prompt: Interior design of Easter Living Room

Prompt: Interior Design of Tropical Bedroom

Open Art AI

Prompt Given: A bohemian living room with golden fountain and crystal chandelier. The furniture is velvet and plushy. There are big curved windows with white curtains.

This gave me disappointment! This does not look bohemian, and neither does it have the golden fountain I wrote about. But anyway, the pictures look great.


RoomGPT kicks things off with a generous gift of 3 free credits. It’s your go-to tool for giving your space a fresh new look in a different design style. And when you’ve used up those free credits, you can unlock even more room redesign magic with a payment of $9, which gets you a whopping 30 credits. That’s 30 more opportunities to transform your space!

The left image is the input image. The settings were to convert it into a modern office.

The left image is the input image. The settings were to convert it into a vintage kitchen.

RoomGPT works its magic by redesigning your space to match a particular design style. While it may feel rigid in its approach, rest assured, it gets the job done beautifully!

There are multiple tools available in the market, there are even more to go. Check back for more updates!

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